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We serve kids aged 18 months to 4 years. 

We are experienced, California licensed, 

and trained in Infant CPR & First Aid.

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"My daughter was a Little Scout from 20 months old until she started preschool at 3.5. Virginia & Kitty are AMAZING and we did not want to leave. I felt so fortunate to have found them and their sweet little day care. They took the kids out all over the city every day – my girl has visited more museums in this city than I have! If you can get your child in here, you will not disappointed. They don't generally take little babies – just must be walking toddlers +, since they do so many outings (playgrounds, museums, etc). Again, AMAZING."


July 2017, San Francisco, CA

"Virginia has all the qualities I was looking for in a child care provider: creativity (you should see the art projects!), safety, a provider of a nurturing warm environment. She sets the right balance of letting toddlers explore and be the little scientists they are and setting limits. She provides a soothing environment for infants as well. She just has a gift with children; some of this comes from her hands on experience in raising her own children for the last 18 years. When I drop my daughter off, I know that she is in the best of hands and that when I pick my daughter up she will have had a great time!"

Elana Leash

Student at University of California,  

Santa Cruz

"Virginia has been absolutely wonderful for my family in providing contingent child care for us as needed, usually last-minute at that. She provides a wonderfully entertaining and engaging environment for the kids, at what I feel is bargain basement and extra value. My daughter always comes home brimming with excitement to talk about the days events and activities, and I don't need to worry about her being attended to or needs fulfilled – she always has healthy snacks and meals for them all."

Brandon Gray

Network & Systems Engineer

"I have known Virginia for many years. She frequently watches my youngest child. My daughter is always excited to spend time at her house. Virginia is good at thinking of new places to go and crafts or cooking at her house. She loves children and wants them to have fun and learn new things."

Megumi Konishi

"Virginia is an amazing care giver. Mom of three she has a lot of experience that is reflected in the way she takes care of kids. She is joyful and very attentive. She is taking care of my dear daughter and Chloe is in love with her. Her place is large and babies/toddler have a lot of room to wander around. She is super well located in center of mission with kids activities by short walking distance."

Ann'Claude Coutu

Manager Mission Critical Facilities

Senior Electrical Engineer 

URS Corporation

Imagine your little one out and about, exploring different parks, green spaces and cultural institutions - turning every day into a new adventure, led by two wonderfully creative and loving women. This is Little Scouts. A truly unique place to stimulate and inspire your child, awaken her/his curiosity and adventurous spirit and forge lasting friendships. Our son loved every day at Little Scouts and, a year later, remains in close touch with his little friends. As we go around the city, he keeps pointing out parks and museums that he's been there with Kitty and Virginia. Thanks to Little Scouts, at three years old he knows San Francisco better than we do (who have lived here for 25 years)! Little Scouts is the kind of daycare we didn't even dare to dream of... and we remain so very grateful to have found it.



“We LOVE Little Scouts! Both of our children thrived there. Our favorite part about this daycare, is that Virginia and Kitty get everybody out of the house and go on a daily adventure. Our kids were exposed to so much of the city. I don't know how they find all the cool activities that are happening - but they do! We enjoyed getting pictures throughout the day - getting a peek into all the fun the kids were having together! We always knew our kids were safe, nurtured and well looked after. Kitty and Virginia lovingly and patiently taught our kids - it was the best foundation we could've given them before launching them off to Montessori preschool. I can't say enough about Little Scouts - you just can't go wrong!



“I Recommend this Caregiver Because There are only 3-5 kids on any given day. The daycare is run by the owners in their home, Kitty and Virginia. And every day, the kids are taken on an outing to various playgrounds, the beach, museums, etc. Our boys have been all over the city thanks to Little Scouts. This is an amazing daycare!



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Call (415) 305-4491

We serve kids aged 18 months to 4 years. 

We are experienced, California licensed, and trained in Infant CPR & First Aid.